These Quotes From Young Artists Will Remind You Of A Simpler Life

By Kelly Weller
Photos by Kate Reali

What is your favorite thing to paint?
– Addison, 7

A Simpler Life is a recurring piece included in every Portico Eastern Shore issue. Each quarter, we interview a group of children who are enjoying their lives on the Eastern Shore. Their unique insights inspire us all to remain curious, honest, and kind. 

Art Wide Open Studio  is a creative place for creative spirits, and we’re thrilled to see that so many young artists are creating their own masterpieces there. Among admiring their paintings, we got to ask some of the children questions about art, school, and family, and their responses reminded us of a simpler life. Tap into your childlike sense of wonder by reading our mini-interviews with the young artists below. 

Art Wide Open Studio is an art space for artists of all ages and every level – from beginner to experienced! Visit their website here for more information, or call (251) 233-0203 .

If you want to read more Simpler Life quotes, click here for last season’s article about the children at We Rock The Spectrum Gym.

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