Favorite Reads for Fall 2019

, Favorite Reads for Fall 2019

By Anderson McKean, Page & Palette Bookstore

Fall is one of those seasons I look forward to all summer long, anxiously awaiting the sultry days to give way to crisp, cooler temperatures. I feel that same anticipation when expecting a new novel from a beloved author. Thankfully, this fall is packed with releases from four of my favorites — engaging, thought-provoking stories showcasing mastery of their craft. Here are a few of those highly anticipated books that were worth the wait.

, Favorite Reads for Fall 2019
This Tender Land
by William Kent Krueger

A quintessential Midwestern American fable, William Kent Krueger’s This Tender Land is an impeccably written, poignant tribute to faith, family, and forgiveness. His prose is simply unparalleled; vividly describing the harsh, unforgiving Midwest terrain as skillfully as the despair reflected in the eyes of a hungry child. As he did in his award-winning novel Ordinary Grace, Krueger’s cast of richly formed characters makes an indelible mark on both the reader and the novel. The journey of four resilient orphans – Odie, Mose, Albert, and Emmy – from childhood to adulthood is fraught with challenges and choices, trials, and leaps of faith. Readers will cheer them on every step of the way.

, Favorite Reads for Fall 2019
by Emma Donoghue

AKIN is a moving, eloquently written tale of love, loss and family. As she did in her groundbreaking novel Room, bestselling author Emma Donoghue provides poignant observations on the lessons we learn from the past, and the imprint we make on those who come after us. Donoghue creates two wholly opposite yet akin characters, Noah, an 80-year old retired professor and Michael, his surly teenage grand-nephew. Readers travel alongside this unlikely pair as they explore present-day and wartime Nice. Unearthing details about their family’s past, Noah and Michael begin to understand the sacrifices their loved ones made and find that family over everything is a motto to live by.

, Favorite Reads for Fall 2019
The Last Train to London
by Meg Waite Clayton

In her latest novel, Beautiful Exiles, author Meg Waite Clayton tells the true story of how one Dutch woman changed the lives of thousands of children in 1938-39. Geertruida Wijsmuller, aka Tante Truus, made it her life work to rescue Jewish children, an effort known as the Vienna Kindertransport. Marrying meticulous research with raw emotion, Clayton captures Truus’ unyielding love and dedication to the thousands she rescued. Beautifully written and filled with hope, this powerful story will keep readers on the edge of their seats, even as the last train prepares to leave.

, Favorite Reads for Fall 2019
The World That We Knew
by Alice Hoffman

From the bestselling author of The Dovekeepers, Alice Hoffman, comes the story of three remarkable women who must act with courage and love to survive the darkest hours of World War II. In Berlin, Hanni knows she must shelter her daughter Lea from the Nazi regime. A rabbi’s daughter offers salvation by creating a mystical Jewish creature, a golem, whose sole purpose is to protect Lea. Once the golem is brought to life, they become forever linked, their fortunes entwined. A blend of historical fiction, Jewish lore, and her signature magical realism, Hoffman’s writing transcends. It is both elegant and haunting, and quite simply, stunning.

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