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Meet Dorothy Savage, dreamer and believer in the performing arts world and proud co-founder of Everblue Arts.


Story by Taylor Joiner


With a passion for the arts and all things performance and creative, Everblue Arts was born. It was a journey that took years in the making.. What started as dream grew into something much bigger than a few trips to New York and connections in the performing arts industry. Meet Dorothy Savage, dreamer and believer in the performing arts world and proud co-founder of Everblue Arts.

Everblue Arts is a performing arts studio that hosts year-round performance workshops and consults with young artists, teaching them how to choose monologues and music to “build your book” in a way that best represents the performer. Using an international network of casting opportunities, client specific service and a balanced approach to developing vibrant and healthy careers, EAC is driven by the excellence of a higher calling. Everblue is able to host national tours, workshop new works, host orchestral concerts, and more.

Everblue believes the pursuit and full development and exploration of character, abilities, and interest in the world around us is what truly makes for the most dynamic and meaningful artists. Everblue builds on discovery of not only dynamic professional level performers and artists, but also dynamically kind impactful people as a whole.

Everblue Studios includes private voice, acting, and dance training throughout the year with Dorothy Savage, Bruce Earnest, and Maryann Kyle. The production arm works with professional artists as well as its students and aspiring performers to grow their careers providing guidance in the studio for both the business and creative side of the arts. Dorothy founded and launched the Everblue Arts Festival in Fairhope and is excited to be providing professional, equity contracts, which is a first for our area, with a path towards becoming a full equity house, similar to those of other professional theaters around the world. As the only summer performing arts festival of its kind in the region, Dorothy has recruited professional actors and musicians from throughout the United States and Europe in theatre and music to bring performances such as those seen at the well-known Berkshires Arts Festival and Tanglewood Music and Arts Festival.

Dorothy and Bruce have a bigger long-term vision for Everblue Arts. They hosted their first-ever, full resident company program with weekly classes focused on acting, on-camera techniques, and dance. Students taking part in this company will deliver a professional performance each semester. Everblue will offer a retreat-like environment in the quaint town of Fairhope for professionals to workshop performances and budding artists to grow and learn.

Sold out Everblue acts included:
•Cabaret Under the Stars
•An Evening with Frank Sinatra
•The Marlow Boys Live
•Sister Act

Look for more exciting news to come. 


, Everblue Arts – Performing Arts on the Eastern Shore


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