Enjoy Your Weekend With An Eastern Shore Fly Fishing Tournament

Eastern Shore Fly Fishing, Enjoy Your Weekend With An Eastern Shore Fly Fishing Tournament

By Kristine Alford

On a summer Saturday in Mobile Bay, you will inevitably see the water full of fishers enjoying the beautiful scenery and rich biodiversity that lower Alabama has to offer. This weekend, the Eastern Shore Fly Fishers Club is giving our community the opportunity to do just that, all while contributing to fisheries science research, and benefiting a good cause. 

Founded in 2009, the Eastern Shore Fly Fishers Club includes fly fishers of all experience levels, and welcomes newcomers to join the sport alongside them. They enjoy the rich fish biodiversity of lower Alabama and help to educate aspiring and amateur fishers about fly fishing, casting, and tying techniques.

This year, the ESFF Club is hosting their 2nd Annual Tripletail Classic Fly Fishing Tournament on Saturday, June 27th to benefit USM Gulf Coast Research Lab (GCRL) conservation and educational outreach.

During this tournament, fishers will catch, tag, photograph, and release Atlantic Tripletail. While the fishers are competing for trophies and other prizes, they’re also benefiting fisheries research by using GCRL tagging kits.

The fishing begins at 7:00am on Saturday, but all are welcome to enjoy the awards ceremony during the evening at 7:00 pm. Held at the American Legion Post 199, this event will include catering, fisher storytelling, a raffle, and outreach by local conservation groups. Visit the link below for more details.

Tripletail Classic

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