Meet One of Alabama’s Expert Fishermen

, Meet One of Alabama’s Expert Fishermen

Story by Jessica Deese and photos by Kate Reali

Watching Earnest Doss expertly cast his line off the May Day Pier in Daphne, it’s easy to tell he’s been at this awhile. Growing up in Tuscaloosa, Earnest and his father went fishing on the Alabama River every evening. It’s a habit that’s held. Most days after work, he can be found at one of the local fishing haunts baiting, casting, and catching, a delightful discipline that he never tires of. On some days, he even spends his lunch break fishing in the waters around Austal, where he works as a welder. One of those days, he had a particularly vigorous battle. “I hooked a big one. But it was time to go back to work.” In the moment of assessing his options, the rod slipped and was quickly pulled out of reach. The decision was made, “I had to let it go.” But all good fishing stories have a catch. Earnest’s dimples emerge, as he admits, “Had it been a nicer rod, I would have been late to work.” It got away on account of his good sense. You don’t make it as a fisherman very long without this necessary virtue. Yep, it’s easy to tell that Earnest has been at this awhile.  

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